One day of a fox's life

What to tell? This day was just great! See the preparations in the former post.


Being a?

This weekend preparations for Carnival are in full swing. Is it clear what L is going to be?

After this we closed the back of the head as well.

Now we only have to paint it today. L, I think we are a super team! Please come back to see the final result.



Both my girls needed a toiletry bag for a long time already to replace the too small ones they used. Finally in Christmas holidays these Petit Pan sisters were made.

Bottom and inside from oilcloth, size large enough for the far future. Based on this fine tutorial.

The light one is for my youngest L; it's a part of her birthday present a few weeks ago. Yes, of course the rest will be shown soon as well.

Already preparing for Carnival...


There's a new shop in town

Highly recommended, our new shop in Rotterdam: Flying Tiger. A mixture between Hema, Ikea and dreadful Action (sorry, Action lovers, I'm not joining), in a Scandinavian style. Last week I spent about an hour strolling along nice goodies for €1, €2 or €3,--. Go girls or visit online. They change the collection all the time, so always a reason to visit! My first buys:
1. magnetic letters 2. nice size drinking glasses  3. labyrinth money box (great to get it opened!)  4. hair accessories  5. elastic and nylon thread  6. tape, tape and velours ribbon  7. postcards  8. sticky notes  9. printed linen bag
Are you a fan too?


Into science

Our youngest is having her 8th birthday in a few days. This week she mentioned nonchalant: 'oh, in two years I will be ten.' Ten! We were quite shocked. Our little one!
Together we made invitations for her kids party next week, based on the invented theme of this year: doing cool science tricks. We were inspired by this beautiful and great booklet, one of her Sinterklaas presents.

The drawings and the crafting she did herself. And F's heart already blossoms. Together with L he's choosing and preparing the tricks.
(Don't worry, she won't invite 10 kids. She always makes invitations for us as well.)



This year I loved to keep on reading your blogs, dear co-bloggers. You worked so hard to get everything posted. My compliments for your drive and enormous creativity!
The amount of posts on this blog is apparently about constant. This is what I can and need to do next to my job. My job has been really busy this year, and this blog is the compensation at home. Thank you for leaving sweet words in 2013. Hopefully you like to come back in 2014 as well. 

Wishing you all the best!



Thanks Nele, to allow me to copy paste your beautiful teenager sweater! I learned to use a new jersey stitch and loved it! And I changed it a bit into a dress.

The challenge of this project was to get it out of the available fabric. I bought it at MondaysMilk (check out their new Nani Iro's!) and since there was only 1,7 m left, did it take me one evening puzzling. The inside of the pockets ended up in a different fabric.

My daughter is very happy with her comfi sweater and still is after wearing it to school, where some of her classmates reacted with: 'did you forget to take off your pyjamas?' I'm so superproud that she doesn't care about it! Yes, we can learn from our children!



During a Sinterklaas parents evening little presents were made for L's class. I was asked to sew a part of the needed fabric bags. Although sewing something like this is a lovely simple project, I used this tutorial.

We painted wooden coins with all numbers and symbols to play and count with and personalized the bags.


For her teacher

Sinterklaas was here. And we noticed! M was glad that she had drawn her teacher to make a surprise for. As her teacher loves cats, we came up with this idea. The pillow is made by M, only for the zipper she got some help.

She was determined to make the present that was hidden inside, herself as well. She made a cooks apron (that will be shown some other time). In school the paper shredder was just emptied, so she collected paper and even made these paper scraps herself. Well done, girl!


Going out

The day after Jil's kids party we were invited to the party for grown up (grotemensenfeest). For this occasion I completed our gift and made some tiny extra's for popje, in a fabric pouch (not pictured).

And undressed again. Her new name: 'Haasje'.
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